Constitutional theory through practice


Perhaps the greatest protest possible against the current organization of one's country is the writing of a new constitution. I have long been a student of the law and of American and forign politics, and came some time ago to the recognition that those things we are taught to value most are not well provided by our system as it currently stands. So, when I began the study of political theory, it seemed a good idea to put it into practice.

I have always believed that the best practice for learning how something works, and the best incentive to study the theories behind it is to build a model yourself. So, over the course of 2000, I built and debated my own constitution, learning a great deal about both the theory and practice of government in the process.

Through this, I have developed a deep respect for the authors of existing constitutions, and a love of the great political philosophers and the modern debaters of both policy and practice that informs my university studies to this day.

I have been influenced by the many great and lesser works of modern political and economic theory that all those who consider the field should read, and strongly suggest them to anyone considering it.

My constitution is the product of my own conclusions and debates both on the history and theory and on previous drafts of this constitution itself. It is intended both as a suggestion of what government can and should be like, for those interested in founding a new one, and as a starting point for debate and study of the history and theory that underlie it.

This site is also a place for activisim towards a better system everywhere. Find American politics resources and participate in online discussions.

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The arguements for my constitution
An introduction to the theory and practice of constitutional government, in the form of an arguement for the proposed system.
My constitution
The document itself, a proposed constitution for a small 21st century state.
To other online resources of interest to those studying constitutional and revolutionary theory.
American Politics
Political commentary from a constitutional position, and usefull links.
The Revolutionary reader
The difinitive reading list for all would-be revolutionaries.
The constitutional and economic theory reader
A list of those books I've found invalueable in thinking and debating political philoisophy and economy.

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